Tradition, in the 4th generation of this industrial enterprise, means we are committed to the careful management of resources and we rely fully on the integrity and loyalty of our employees to the company. We have been continuously developing our processes for over 100 years, each adapted to modern production techniques. In doing so, we have built ourselves a standard that we can describe with a clear conscience as unique in our industry. However, we know that tradition is an obligation and standing still means going backwards. For this reason, we are continuously developing, looking for more efficient ways of production and we never view short-term success as a primary objective. This gives our customers the confidence of having a long-term committed partner at their side.


At BECK we believe that quality is measured not only by the materials used, certificates acquired or the conformity of a product with a standard. We think that there is much more to it. For us, quality is daily corporate culture which affects all areas and processes of our company as a holistic philosophy designed to lift every day to a new level. That is quality "Made by BECK"


We want to be a global technology and quality leader in the manufacture of fasteners. In addition, we are always looking for bold and passionate new methods of innovation. We act and do not react. In other words, we look ahead, anticipate developments and new standards for our products and test them in our internal research and development department as soon as possible to implement, test, and make them available to our customers. We see the success of our customers and our company in the future.