"Quality is never an accident. It is always the result of intelligent effort."

- John Ruskin (1819-1900), English writer

BECK has been relying on its production sites in the heart of Europe for over 100 years. We see this as an opportunity to continue to strengthen core values and strengths of central European businesses, such as quality leadership, innovation, customer focus and development drive. 

At BECK we have spent decades striving to become a world quality leader in the fastener industry, in terms of both product and service quality.

We distinguish ourselves from the growing mass of standard, low-cost producers through the unique combination of tradition and progress and we have created values for ourselves that strengthen the development of the company in the long term.

Innovation plays a key role for us and includes not only the products of our company. To compete globally and to be successful, our understanding of innovation includes not only the continuous development of our product range and production technologies, but also many other areas of the business, such as customer service and communication, our active role in the standardisation system and innovations in packaging and design. That is why we speak of "integrated innovation".

Your BECK Plus:

  • Owner-managed company.
  • Talk to us. We will help you to find solutions
  • Deep-rooted quality consciousness "Made in Germany"  
  • Strong drive for innovation
  • Decades of production expertise

Comprehensive control over ALL details of production is needed in order to achieve the highest level of quality. For this reason, we develop, build and maintain the majority of our equipment for fastener production ourselves. In doing so, the focus is on a modular structure for our production units. This means we can produce many different product variants by modification of individual plant parts and assemblies on the same basic module. The clear advantage is the large number of possible product variants and flexibility in the development of new, pioneering mounting solutions.

Your BECK Plus:

  • Flexible production systems for the dynamic demands of our industry
  • Complete control over ALL areas of production - without exception
  • Outstanding efficiency in the development of new solutions

Sustainable solutions at a high level can only be achieved through constant monitoring and high standards in the implementation and selection the right products. Therefore we rely on "Total Quality Management" as our overriding principle.

A new era was marked in terms of quality-building measures at the company by the official ISO9001 certification of our BECK headquarters in early 2013. In addition to the development and standardisation of internal processes, for our customers and partners the certification serves as further confirmation of our pursuit of maximum quality at all levels.

The product controls according to ISO 9001 prescribe a close-knit quality management structure and ensure uncompromising traceability of all production steps, from the packaging unit through to the raw materials (zertificate nail technic, zertificate wire staples).

Another important element with which we underpin our view of quality "Made by BECK" is the ever growing number of products that are officially certified according to established standards. These include CE conformity, DOPs (performance statements), ICC-ESR1539 conformity, RoHS, REACH, MSDS, IMDS and many more. 

For more information on product approvals, ratings, certificates, test reports or certificates of conformity for our fasteners, please refer to the corresponding area within the service section of the website (LINK to section). If your need information and documentation on individual products, we would be happy to advise you personally.

Your BECK Plus:

  • "Total Quality Management"
  • Pursuit of 0% error rate
  • ISO 9001 certified processes
  • Comprehensive product approvals 

The greatest potential of our company are our employees. For this reason, we pay attention to the working environment so that the company's employees feel comfortable and individual strengths can develop freely. We are proud of the high level of identification of our employees with our company and the related personnel continuity. This means the knowledge base of our company grows continuously with the expertise of our employees.

In addition to our "passive" measures, our employees are "actively "trained on a regular basis. In this way we strengthen the knowledge, experience and understanding of quality and make it available to you.   

Your BECK Plus:

  • Great experience and expertise potential
  • Regular training and audits of our staff
  • Flexible cover for peak demand

BECK is your one-stop shop in the fastener industry. We offer one of the largest solution pools for fasteners worldwide.

In addition to our traditional assortment of more than 10,000 magazine nails, 17,000 staples and 3,000 pins, we also offer a host of innovative speciality products and systems. Our SCRAIL ® nail screw plays a central role in the field of product innovation, with a wide variety of forms and complementary products. SCRAIL ® nail screws combine the advantages of magazine nails and screws, enabling pneumatic driving tools, but facilitating subsequent removal and adjustment.

Your BECK Plus:

  • BECK is your one-stop shop
  • Innovative speciality products and systems (for example, SCRAIL ® fixing systems)
  • Courage to innovate. Please feel free to ask us.     

YOU are the centre of our activities. We will assign you an individual contact so that we can provide you with optimum support to suit your needs at all times. In spite of our fast-paced digital age, we view partnership and personal relationships with our customers as the basis for mutual success and growth. 

Our employees are regularly trained and instructed in the latest product innovations. In addition, we support you through a variety of marketing materials such as brochures, booklets, presentation folders and product videos that help to convey efficiently and professionally the complex concepts and details of our product and system innovations. In this way, we ensure you are provided with competent consultation in terms of all queries and requests.

Your BECK Plus:

  • Individual support
  • Regularly trained staff
  • Comprehensive market understanding
  • Extensive marketing and information materials

We offer more than just magazine fasteners. Our subsidiary FASCO Italy is an elementary part of the comppany BECK  manufacturing compressed air impact equipment in various designs and for a variety of fasteners. Covering everything from fine wire clips to jumbo nails. In doing so, our experience in equipment manufacturing and magazine fasteners flow strongly into each other and thus help drive new and exciting developments.

As an open system provider, we enable customers to freely choose fasteners and devices and thereby to decide which best suit your requirements. For this reason, our opinion is that product expertise should not be limited to our own range. At BECK we always make sure we are familiar with the specific nature of our market competitors in order to provide the best assistance in any case.    

Your BECK Plus:

  • "One-stop" shop for every segment of the industry
  • Expertise network for cross-system development
  • Industry-independent consulting expertise

The research and development department at BECK works beyond application-related issues and into tasks that exceed the current state-of-the-art. This requires ongoing basic research that helps to derive answers to the fundamental questions of our industry. Through constant questioning of traditional knowledge, ideas are developed from which the reference products and solutions of tomorrow are formed. Current tasks are discussed and new perspectives are developed in cooperation with universities, research institutions and external institutions. This interdisciplinary research has established itself in recent years as an effective brain pool for radical new approaches.

Your BECK Plus:

  • High creative potential
  • High subject-specific knowledge
  •  Long-term association and years of practical experience.
  •  Interdisciplinary research
  • Development partnerships with universities and independent institutions

Further development and project services:

  • Every application has its special requirements. In order to meet these demands, a maximum of precision is required, regardless of the required diameters, tips or materials. At BECK we combine the advanced perfection in realisation with the ability to convert your ideas and desires into industrial series production in a very short period of time. Please feel free to talk to us about the specifics of your application. We will find a solution.
  • Do you need a special product? We would be delighted to work with you to find the solution that your application requires. With the flexibility and understanding of the product, our technical department is able to effectively test and further develop special designs - until we find a tailored solution for you.
  • On-site assistance with complicated tasks. This includes the analysis of production and processing processes. Based on this, we are able to offer our experience and can thus derive potential improvements as required.
  • We go beyond market standards on behalf of your quality requirements and carry out the corresponding functional tests. These include, among other things: discharge pressures, drop testing, water and weathering tests, tests with customer equipment, etc.
  • Each product consists of the sum of its parts. We take care of enclosed products on your behalf, such as gas cartridges or feed rollers. We monitor the quality of these products and provide suitable replacements in the event of supply shortages.
  • Products that stand out from the crowd. With our experience we realise even unusual requests and requirements for excellent quality staples. 
  •  You have the application - we deliver the product. From exceptional staple designs that allow up to 210 sheets of paper to be stapled, to special brackets for use in space. By working directly with you and through the constructive exchange of knowledge, new fasteners for a variety of interesting applications are created time and again. 
  •  Creating products for the food industry means not only maintaining the highest hygiene and quality standards, but also pro-actively and continuously developing them. Our fasteners for the food industry deliver the top quality you have become accustomed to from us.
  •  The tip of a clip shows its character. That is why it is so important for us to accurately comply with the tip geometries we offer. This means the desired functionality of the brackets can be guaranteed and you and your customers can concentrate on the essentials.
  • Adherence to dimensional tolerances is our top priority. Production starts only if the employee can absolutely ensure the required dimensions.
  •  Our deep-rooted expertise in the production of tools enables us not only to address specific customer needs, but also to meet special requirements for specific materials.
  • Thanks to our own wire tape production, we are able to take on special requests regarding the bonding of the pins.
  • Quality control is carried out continuously by our highly qualified staff.
  • Benefit from our expertise in the field of welding technology. The collators we use feature the latest welding units, which ensure excellent connections with all our wire welded nails. Our welded connections define quality standards - whether for blank, hot-dip galvanized or stainless steel nails. Device faults and impairments during processing are thereby effectively prevented.
  • Since we control all aspects of the production process, we have also developed plastic tape extruder and resin systems. Our plastic tapes have outstanding integrity, which enables excellent retention to be achieved in the plastic tape. Our resin plants are individually adjustable and can thus further optimise the integrity of the plastic bands, resulting in trouble-free processing of nails in the pneumatic equipment. In addition, thanks to our production expertise, we are also able to fulfil special requirements in terms of plastic tape design or as well as various resin treatments and resin colours. 
  • The combination of special resin treatments and the high accuracy of the profiling results in superior retraction values in use, which can be further modified by us to meet requirements.
  • Our collators are the heart of our nail production. The technology used is unique and represents an important reason for the outstanding quality of our products. Our portfolio covers all relevant types of magazine in all conceivable forms. In addition, we are able to quickly implement new requirements using our in-house machine design and mechanical engineering. In this way, we achieve a maximum of flexibility and precision compared with collators from other manufacturers.
  • Our close-knit quality control system in addition to the various QM processes is supplemented by our in-house-developed pre-grading systems, which help us to achieve maximum productivity while simultaneously increasing production speeds. Tolerance variations in length, straightness, head size and surface finish never even reach our collators.
  • Your requirements. Our packaging concept. We develop comprehensive concepts for the design, use and optimum utilisation of your product packaging - according to your specifications. These include, among other things, the cardboard design, the design of printed materials or tamper protection by means of sealing.
  • Packages can be standardised and resources can be saved by optimising the content of cardboard packaging. This saves the environment and your budget.
  • Let us know your requirements and we will select the appropriate box quality for the expected load. For example, special coatings for cardboard boxes, in order to increase durability and increase packaged products. For best protection, even during application on-site.
  • Investing in the environment means looking to the future. We therefore attach great importance to the environmental compatibility of all packaging. A central point of our concept is to achieve complete recyclability of our product packaging. We carry this setting visibly with the official recycling symbol on our corrugated cardboard packaging.
  • Take advantage of our consulting expertise. Through our constant exchange with global producers and suppliers, we are up-to-date at all times. No matter what aspect of the package - you always get the best solution for your needs.
  • At the end of the integrated packaging concept is the shipping. We place great emphasis on comprehensive measures for transport security. For us this means that your goods will be prepared optimally for shipping depending on individual requirements, through conscientious selection of appropriate security measures. These include measures such as anti-slip paper, shrink foil protection or fixing with steel strapping: This means your product is always prepared for the requirements of the shipping route.

The best teams have absolute understanding. Our logistics team is available to you at all times with decades of experience and comprehensive knowledge of the market. For us, this also means that we can advise you with any questions you may have and provide comprehensive support in handling your orders. The BECK logistics team - let's get organised.

Your BECK Plus:

  • Complete control through every step of order processing
  • Tailor-made solutions for you and your project
  • North American distribution and logistics centre for rapid distribution of small and medium sized orders