What does BECK do?

BECK is a family business founded in 1904, and has been one of the world's leading companies in fastening technology for over 80 years. Our customers are our focus throughout all processes. They benefit from our distribution policy, which focuses on resellers and which is characterized by a high degree of flexibility as well as comprehensive services. The outstanding quality of our products and the world's widest range of fasteners for wood to wood joints, as well as the corresponding pneumatic processing equipment means we offer a combination that is unique to the industry in this form.

BECK is a globally active, owner-managed company with offices in Austria, Germany, Italy, China and the United States.

Foundation: 1904
CEO: Mr. Dipl.-Kfm. Christian Beck
Mitarbeiter: 400
Sites: 8 companies at 5 sites
Consumption: approx. 4000 t/month
External dealers: currently in 50 countries 

What position does BECK occupy on the market?


One of the key factors for our international success is the quality of our products, which set new standards in many areas. Our idea of quality considers the prescribed standards as a starting point and not as a goal.  Our promise of quality includes not only the quality and reliability of our products, but also the routine service to our customers. We achieve this by creating special products according to your specifications, by offering you  on-site support for your projects or by taking care of short-term peaks in demand in an non-bureaucratic and professional manner. The powerful mix of service to the customer, absolute flexibility and expertise over several generations has made us what we are today: one of the most renowned suppliers of high quality fastening systems worldwide.


We develop and design the majority of our machinery in-house, including the automatic staple, pin and nail magazines. The fundamental option of manufacturing every nail product on any nail machine, every clip on any clip machine and every type of pin on any press gives us a unique flexibility and versatility that has enabled us to develop a range of some 17,000 different brackets, approximately 3,000 pins and 10,000 magazine nail types. As a result, there are very few products in the field of fastening technology that we do not have in our range, a fact which has earned us a unique reputation. Moreover, corresponding high-quality FASCO® pneumatic devices are available for many of our fasteners. Our products are used by professionals in a variety of industries and fields.


BECK is a driving force in the industry. Using the accumulated expertise of several generations, our R & D department develops the innovations of the future today. At Beck we are constantly searching for new ideas and approaches that contribute to redefining the limits of fastening technology. The high proportion of  production systems developed in-house enables us to hone each product down to the last detail and to quickly integrate the various stages of development into actual production processes. This results in high quality innovative products that set new standards and underline our claim as active developers in the fastener industry.


We are a family business founded in 1904 (in the printing trade) and have been active in the fastener industry since 1933. As one of the pioneers in our industry,  the group was able to develop into one of the world's leading companies in fastening technology, an industry that has been largely shaped and co-developed by BECK over recent decades. The sites in Austria and Germany, where the entire range of fasteners is produced, are also still at the heart of the group. In addition, the group has expanded vertically and horizontally in the past decades. Integration of device producers FASCO® (Italy) into the BECK group in 1989 allowed the company group to realign as a genuine system provider. A North American distribution point for FASCO®  fasteners and pneumatic equipment was established by way of distributor BECK AMERICA.

Two nail manufacturing facilities were acquired. BECK now consists of eight companies in five locations.



What philosophy is reflected by the BECK Fastener Group?

Seamless Connections

Our vision is to shape seamless connections by setting a new standard of excellence in performance, sustainability, usability and connectivity.

Our mission: We rethink fastening and develop new technologies, to create connections of better quality and pave the way for new solutions beyond the usual.



Ever since we can remember, we have fastened things together – with staples, collated nails, nail screws and pins. Since 1904, our fasteners and tools connect everything that only connected serves its purpose. This includes timber constructions, shipping pallets and cartons as well as high-quality interiors such as vehicle leather seats and furniture.

While looking for seamless connections and surfaces, we like to think things from scratch. Using physical forces in a new way in the creation of these compounds is our genuine mode - for more than 80 years.

We are always working on ideas to create better connections. Along with the passion for hundredths, our attention for the hours grows. Because time is so precious, we refine innovations that have the power to change the way we connect components and redefine the fields of applications of fastening technology. For only those who can imagine a world without metal, can also reinvent a wooden nail. When we rethink fastening technology, we like to go unconventional to pave the way for new solutions beyond the usual. We call our claim: BEYOND FASTENING.

What are the guiding principle of BECK?

What are the goals of BECK?


We recognize the changes of our time and our society, marked by a globalised knowledge and information-based society, in which customers and consumers are emancipated and no longer follow traditional patterns. 

Progress as tradition.

Tradition and progress are not contradictory for us. Each day we face anew the dynamic challenges of our time and merge the resulting findings and discoveries with our existing knowledge. Our curiosity is what drives us to derive the best of the ideas and experiences from yesterday and today for the solutions of tomorrow - for the benefit of our customers. We live out tradition based on progress.   

Service and partnership.

Our constant aim is to tailor our services even better to your needs in order to establish productive and sustainable partnerships. For this reason, the individual approach to each of our customers is important to us. Let us look together to the future. 

European location.

The BECK Fastener Group has been relying on its production sites in the heart of Europe for over 100 years. We see this as an opportunity to continue to strengthen core values ??and strengths of central European businesses, such as quality leadership, innovation, customer focus and development drive.


We are committed to seeing our employees and their families participate in the continued writing of the "BECK" success story, to expand the company and to ensure continued existence for future generations in the long term.

Where are the production sites of BECK?

BECK currently consists of eight companies in five locations. The company is managed centrally, connected by a common and long-term strategy, common target markets as well as a common public image. BECK fasteners are produced at our location in Austria. The corresponding pneumatic tools are produced in Italy. An additional site with a distribution company is located in Alabama, USA.

In which trade associations is BECK a member?

Deutscher Fachverband für Verbindungs- und Befestigungstechnik (VBT)

International Staple, Nail and Tool Association (ISANTA)

North American Deck and Railing Association (NARDA)

Internationaler Verband für den Metallleichtbau (IFBS)

Why can end users not purchase BECK products from us directly?

The distribution policy at BECK is aimed at resellers, in other words, distributors and other producers. We do not promote our products to end-customers and consumers, thereby we do not enter into competition with our partners. This is also the reason why BECK products, although very common, are not visible under our own brand name in most markets.

From Europe to overseas we only ship goods in full containers (20ft or 40ft), which take about 8-12 weeks - depending on the product - to reach the customer. In principle, customers are only supplied directly if they are able to accept at least 4 such containers per year.

American Customers who are not able or do not wish to buy directly from Europe in full containers can purchase from our Distribution Center in Alabama (BECK AMERICA). In addition, this warehouse serves to handle fill-in orders from existing container customers in order to rectify possible customer supply problems.

How can I purchase BECK products as an end user?

We are delighted that you are interested in our products as an end user. Please contact us and we will forward your request to your nearest distributor.

What are the minimum order quantities for fasteners?


Standard products 0.5 – 3 million pieces
Special products 0.5 – 3 million pieces



Standard products 0.5 – 3 million pieces
Special products 2.0 – 5 million pieces



Standard and special products 1 pallet


In special cases, we would be happy to check if a smaller quantity is possible.



For what applications can I use with the various means of attachment?

For questions about specific requirements and the proper use of fasteners please contact us via the contact form.

We would be pleased to assist you in consultation with our expertise acquired as one of the pioneers in our industry for over 80 years.

In addition, we would also like to mention that a comprehensive and detailed product catalogue is available, where you will find lots of information about various applications for the most important fasteners. (BECK reserves the right to send the official product catalogue on a selective basis.)

What are the business hours for BECK headquarters?

We are available to you at the Mauerkirchen site from Monday to Thursday from 07:30 to 16:15 hours and Friday from 7:30 to 16:00 hours. In addition, you can contact us at any time via email. Your concerns are very important to us. For this reason, at BECK we always strive to respond to your inquiry within 24 hours and provide you with all required information as soon as possible. 

Get in touch with us and benefit from our expertise and years of experience.  Your first inquiry at BECK? Simply use the contact form on this page to help us process your request as quickly and efficiently as possible.

What information is necessary for an inquiry?

We want to be able to meet your requirements quickly and efficiently. For this reason, please specify your requirements and commercial needs as comprehensively as possible. Below is a list of information that can help us and therefore should be part of your initial inquiry:

  • Your set-up: Are you a producer, dealer / reseller or end-user?
  • In which (geographical) market you are active?
  • In which products of BECK you are particularly interested and are there specific applications for which you are looking for a product? 
  • Are there specific packaging requirements that must be observed by us?

Where can I find details about the products and whom can I contact with technical questions?

Information about fasteners, pneumatically actuated guns and BECK systems can be found on this website under our "Products" menu. If you are looking for suitable products for your application, please read the "Application Areas" menu.

For more detailed information about a specific fastener, technical questions or queries about standards and certificates relating to our products, we will gladly advise you personally. You can easily reach us through our contact form.

What are the current delivery times for products from BECK?

Because we manufacture exclusively to order at BECK, delivery times depend on the type of product, the materials used, the ordered quantity and lead time of the raw materials. The individual delivery times for your product will be detailed in each case on our offer. 

How can I find out exactly when my products will be delivered?

This can be seen in the text of the order confirmation, whereby a specific delivery week will be given (calendar week). In the event that several products are ordered with different delivery dates, you will receive a separate order confirmation for each week of delivery. Please note that the specified calendar week (CW) is the date of shipment "from factory". The corresponding shipping times for your shipment must be considered separately.

Do fasteners fit devices from other vendors?

As an open system provider, we enable customers to freely choose fasteners and devices and thereby to decide which best suit your requirements. For this reason, our opinion is that product expertise should not be limited to our own range. At BECK we always make sure we are familiar with the specific nature of our market competitors in order to provide the best assistance in any case.    

What fasteners does BECK feature in its range?


Standard staples

Carton Closing

Hog rings





Angle brads



Magazine nails

Strip nails

Coil nails


SCRAIL® nail screws



Air-driven tools


Bradders & pinners

Strip nailers

Coil nailers


Special devices


Please visit the Products area for more details.

What coatings are offered by BECK for corrosion sensitive applications?

A chemical-metallurgical surface treatment of the nails is absolutely necessary where nails are used in climates with increased or heavy corrosion exposure. Depending on the requirements, we offer different grades for corrosion protection.


RUSTPROOF: A2 & A4 (1.4301 & 1.4401) or SS304 & SS316HOT-DIP GALVANISED: min. 400 g/m² (50 µm) ELECTRIC GALVANIC (YELLOW, BLUE or BLACK): blank -70 g / m (9 µm) - 120 g / m² (15 µm) - 160 g / m² (20 µm)

We can say in good conscience that we produce one of the world's best qualities of hot-dip galvanized finishes. Our products are tested by means of the salt spray test (according to ASTM B117 and DIN50021).




What standards do BECK's fasteners permit? Which products have a classification or construction?

North American standards / evaluation reports:

ESR-1539 2005 Evaluation Report (Power-Driven Staples and Nails for Use in All Types of Building Construction). The report confirms that the published nails meet (see Appendix B ESR-1539), the requirements of the following Building Regulations:

  • IBC (International Building Code) 2009, 2006, 2003 and 2000
  • IRC (International Residential Code) 2009, 2006, 2003 and 2000
  • BNBC (BOCA National Building Code) 1999
  • SBC (Standard Building Code) 1999
  • UBC (Uniform Building Code) 1997
  • IOTFDC (International One And Two Family Dwelling Code) 1998


Further US Standards:

Hot dip galvanized nails (with at least 305 g / m² or 42 µm): ASTM A 153/A 153M Class D “Standard Specification for Zinc Coating (Hot-Dip) on Iron and Steel Hardware”

Electro-galvanised nails (with coatings between 45 g/m² = 6,2 µm and 161 g/m² = 22.5 µm): ASTM A 641/A 641M “Standard Specification for Zinc–Coated (Galvanized) Carbon Steel Wire”


European standards:

CE designations. Many of our products have CE conformity according to DIN EN 14592. Our declaration of performance, ITT ("Initial Type Testing") test reports and factory production controls in accordance with the Construction Products Regulation EU 305* and the harmonized standards specified.

* Construction product directive EU 305:  The directive lays down conditions for the placing on the market  or making available of construction products. This is done by establishing harmonized rules to express the performance of construction products in relation to your "MAIN CHARACTERISTICS", and on the use of the CE marking on those products.   

(DIRECTIVE (EU) No 305/2011 OF THE EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT AND OF THE COUNCIL of 9 March 2011 - chapter 1, article 1)



What materials are available for the fasteners?

The enormous breadth of our product range of around 17,000 different staples, approximately 3000 pins and 10,000 magazine nail types is also due to the wealth of different materials and coatings that we can offer our customers. Please see below an overview of the most important materials and coatings. Please note that a host of other materials are additionally available on request.



Materials (Standard):

Steel: the classes C1006 (carbon content = 0.06%) or C1010 (carbon content = 0.10%): Tensile strength: between 600 – 1200N/mm²

Stainless steel: Classes A2 or A4 (= SS304 or SS316):

  • A2 (DIN 1.4301 or AISI304): among other things C=max. 0.08%; Ni=8-11%; Tensile strength: 750-850N/mm²

  • A4 (DIN 1.4401 or AISI316): among other things C=max. 0.08%; Ni=10-14%; ; Mo=2-3%; Tensile strength: 750-850N/mm²

Aluminium: grades Al99.5, AlMg1.5, AlMgSi0.5 or AlMg5: tensile strength depending on material between 140 – 450N/mm


Metallurgical surfaces:

Electro galvanised: Standard 5 – 25 g/m², Class 1 min. 46 g/m², 84 g/m² = 12 µm (ac. Eurocode 5, Service Class 2), Class 2 min. 92 g/m², Class 3 min. 200 g/m²

Copper -plated: Standard 1 – 5 g/m²

Bronze-plated (LF/Liquor Finish): Standard 1 – 5 g/m²

Hot-dip galvanised: min. 350 g/m²

GALFAN™ (Zn 95%, Al 5%): min. 200 g/m²

PVC coated: (Ø coating: 0.2 mm, core standard galvanised)




Materials (Standard):

Steel: the classes C1006 (carbon content = 0.06%) or C1010 (carbon content = 0.10%): Tensile strength: between 600 – 1200N/mm²

Stainless steel: Classes A2 or A4 (= SS304 or SS316):

  • A2 (DIN 1.4301 or AISI304): among others C=max. 0.08%; Ni=8-11%; Tensile strength: 750-850N/mm²

  • A4 (DIN 1.4401 or AISI316): C=max. 0,08%; Ni=10-14%; Mo=2-3%; Tensile strength: 750-850N/mm² 

Aluminium: grades Al99.5, AlMg1.5, AlMgSi0.5 or AlMg5: tensile strength depending on material between 140 – 450N/mm


Metallurgical surfaces:

Galvanised: Standard 5 – 25g/m²




Materials (Standard):

Standard structural steel: As a standard material we use C9D structural steel acc. to DIN DIN EN 16120-2 (or ASTM A510) for the production of our nails. C=0.04-0.08% tensile strength: 700-850 N / mm² are also possible high-strength steels with tensile strength 900-2000 N / mm².

Stainless steel:

  • A2 (according to DIN 1.4301 or AISI 304): The high nickel content in the alloy leads to the excellent applicability in outdoor applications because of the corrosion protection. Among other things, C=max. 0.08%; Ni=8-11%; Tensile strength: 750-850N/mm²

  • A4 (in accordance with DIN 1.4401 or AISI 316): In addition to the nickel content, especially the molybdenum content results in excellent rust protection for extreme climatic conditions. Among others, C=max. 0.08%; Ni=10-14%; Mo=2-3%; Tensile strength: 750-850N/mm²

Aluminum: Aluminum is often used where aesthetic reasons influence the choice of material, or when connected wood has to be sawn again after mounting. The aluminium used is AlMg5 (standard: EN-AW5019) and consists of 95% aluminium and 5% magnesium. Tensile strength: 340-450N/mm²


Metallurgical surfaces:


a) ELECTRO-GALVANISED YELLOW (= CHROMATED): 5µm (= 35g/m²) - 9µm (=63g/m²) - 12µm (=84g/m²) – 15µm (=105g/m²) – 20µm (=140g/m²) thickness (= heavy coating)+ additional sealing (on request of customer)

b) ELECTRO-GALVANISED BLUE (= CHROMATED + POSSIBLE PASSIVATED): 5µm (=35g/m²) - 9µm (=63g/m²) – 12µm (=84g/m²) – 15µm (=105g/m²) – 20µm (=140g/m²) thickness (= heavy coating)+ additional sealing (on request of customer)

c) ELECTRO-GALVANISED BLACK (= CHROMATED): 5µm (=35g/m²) - 9µm (=63g/m²) - 12µm (=84g/m²) - 15µm (=105g/m²) - 20µm (=140g/m²) thickness (= Heavy Coating)+ Extra-sealing (at customer request)

II. PHOSPHATED: => 3µm (=21g/m²) + yellow galvanised

III. Copper plated: => 5 - 9µm (=40 - 72g/m²)

IV. HOT-DIP GALVANISED: => min. 50µm (= min. 350g/m²) zinc coating.

The quality of our hot dip galvanised coating is one of the most robust and best on the market. In salt spray tests (according to ASTM B117 and DIN50021) we guarantee protection of at least 200 hours until initial rust spots appear. Our hot dip galvanised quality is produced in a two-step process, i.e. the zinc layer is applied only after forging. In a 1-step process, hot-dip galvanised wire is already used when the nail is forged, causing the rust protection to be reduced (as a result of the pounding process).

V. FASCOAT® FINISH: only used for SCRAIL® products.

VI. STAINLESS STEEL GRADES A2 (1.4301) & A4 (1.4401) or SS304 & SS316 (see main materials)



Does BECK participate in trade fairs?

Yes. BECK takes part in exhibitions both in Europe and overseas. Detailed information on dates and professional orientation are given in the events section of this website.

We look forward to welcoming you at our booth and advising you with all your concerns. If required, we can of course offer you the option of a fixed appointment with us in advance (contact) and, if desired, you may share your areas of interest. In doing so, we can adapt perfectly to your needs and help you make your time at the fair more efficient and to your satisfaction. 

Do you have a certified quality management system?

The production facilities of BECK fasteners and pneumatic powered tools have a certified quality management system in accordance with DIN-ISO9001:2008.

What is the difference or the advantage of a SCRAIL ® nail screw relative to regular nails?

Our SCRAIL® nail screws are processed as nails with conventional pneumatic nail devices. In doing so, they achieve 80% or more of the removal value of screws and can be easily adjusted or released. SCRAIL® nail screws are more than twice as fast to use as magazine screws and more than eight times as fast as loose screws. Extensive information on the available magazine systems, application areas, materials and coatings can be obtained from the SCRAIL® section of this website. We will be happy to advise you personally (contact) about the rich capabilities of our SCRAIL® products.



What is the difference or the advantage of a LIGNOLOC ® wooden nail relative to regular nails?

Quick processing – no pre-drilling for wood weighing 350 to 500 kg/m³ and in compliance with edge distances specified in Eurocode 5.

LignoLoc® wooden nails are fired in pneumatically. This completely eliminates the need for pre-drilling* and gluing, such as that for wooden dowels, thereby saving time and money.

Corrosion-resistant and dimensionally stable

LignoLoc® wooden nails cannot rust and their special composition makes them resistant to swelling and fungal infestation. They are suitable for use in utilisation categories 1+2 as per Eurocode 5 / DIN EN 1995-1-1.

Ecologically more sustainable than metal nails

From production through recycling, LignoLoc® wooden nails distinguish themselves with their environmentally friendly properties. European beech is a renewable raw material with short transport distances. According to a study from the Nova Institute, production of a LignoLoc® wooden nail generates only 25% of the greenhouse gases generated by producing a technically comparable steel nail. Furthermore, the material uniformity has thermal benefits – the wooden nails form no thermal bridges.

Post-processing without any tool wear

LignoLoc® wooden nails conserve cutting tools and saw blades. Post-processing of prefabricated wooden elements or machining  is simplified because of no metallic foreign bodies.