BECK Systems

Hidden fastening systems have become indispensable for use in modern decks. The InvisiDeck® Hidden SCRAIL® SYSTEM offers the fastest way to achieve a stylish deck!

While conventional hidden fastening systems require a highly time consuming screw by screw operation, with the InvisiDeck® SCRAIL® nail screw and the pneumatic InvidiDeck® tool the same task can be made up to 5 times faster and thus more cost-saving.

InvisiDeck® Hidden SCRAIL® System for fastener-free deck surfaces
The advantages of InvisiDeck® Hidden SCRAIL® SYSTEMS at a glance:   
    •  Stylish decks without damaging the board surface with fasteners.          
    • Easily to install and can be removed quickly when needed.        
    • Saves time and money.                
    • Fits the most widely grooved boards on the market.     
    • Can be used with a groove cutter for composite wood and hardwoods without groove.
    • With the pneumatic InvisiDeck® tool you install I-CLP Clips 3 to 5 times faster than with traditional installation methods.



      InvisiDeck® I-CLP Clip - robust fastening clip made ??of stainless steel

      Robust fastening clip made ​​of stainless steel for blind fastening of grooved boards (22 mm or thicker). Also non-grooved boards can be processed with the InvisiDeck® Groove Cutter.

      SCRAIL® fasteners in 33° plastic strip collation - for use with InvisiDeck® fastening tool.

      Collated SCRAIL® fasteners (33° plastic strips) for use with the air-driven InvisiDeck® fastening tool. The quickest and safest way to fix the I-CLP CLIP. 2.8/3.2 x 38 mm, fine thread, Phillips head, FasCoat®, black. Suitable for pressure-treated wood.

      INVISIDECK® #F36 RHN33-38 DT
      F36 RHN33-38 DT - InvisiDeck® installation tool by FASCO Italy

      The InvisiDeck® tool is equipped with a special nose that allows to insert the I-CLP clip into the groove and fasten it with the SCRAIL® nail screw in one single step.