Standards and Classes

In order for construction projects be able to use the most advanced methods and materials, they must fulfil the official requirements of the applicable building regulations (Building Codes). The International Code Council Evaluation Service (ICC-ES) publishes so-called 'evaluation reports' in which materials, products and manufacturers are listed that correspond to these building codes.

The ESR-1539 Evaluation Report is provided in the U.S. by the ICC on behalf of the members of the ISANTA Association of Manufacturers. It includes performance descriptions for all fasteners which may be used for construction projects on the U.S. market.

Here at BECK, we attach great importance to the fact that products meet the requirements for construction licensing according ESR1539 and thus are suitable for use in construction projects. Extensive Internal and external testing is undertaken in order to ensure the conformity of our fasteners. In this way, we ensure maximum versatility and planning security for our customers.

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ASTM develops technical standards and services that help to facilitate better orientation in international markets.

ASTM 1667 specifies nails, pins, clips and other fasteners that can be processed by means of hand-held units, pneumatic power tools and other suitable mechanical devices. We at BECK manufacture our products in accordance with the requirements of ASTM 1667.

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Most of our products have CE conformity according to DIN EN 14592. Our declaration of performance, ITT ("Initial Type Testing") test reports and factory production controls must correspond to harmonised standards and the Construction Products Directive EU 305*.

* Construction product directive EU 305:  The directive lays down conditions for the placing on the market  or making available of construction products. This is done by establishing harmonised rules to express the performance of construction products in relation to your "MAIN CHARACTERISTICS", and on the use of the CE marking on those products. (DIRECTIVE (EU) No. 305/2011 OF THE EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT AND OF THE COUNCIL of 9 March 2011 - chapter 1, article 1)

We are happy to provide the corresponding documentation if required.

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Construction product directive EU 305:

Verordnung (EU) Nr. 305-2011 (PDF)
Regulation (EU) No 305-2011 (PDF)

According to DIN EN 14592 rated products of the BECK Fastener Group: For detailed information about our products and classifications we will gladly advise you personally. 

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Product (mm)  
Shank type Finish/ Material
Nail 2,10 smooth, ring Bright, EG, HDG, SS
Nail 2,30 smooth, ring Bright, EG, HDG, SS
Nail 2,50 smooth, ring Bright, EG, HDG, SS
SCRAIL®    2,50 nail screw Bright, FasCoat®, EG, SS
Nail 2,80 smooth, ring Bright, EG, HDG, SS
Nail 2,80 screw Bright
SCRAIL®         2,80 nail screw Bright, FasCoat®, EG, SS
Nail 3,10 smooth, ring Bright, ED, HDG, SS
Nail 3,10 screw Bright, ED, HDG, SS
Nail 3,20 ring EG
Nail 3,30 smooth, ring Bright, EG, HDG
Nail 3,30 screw EG
Nail 3,40 smooth, ring Bright, EG, HDG
Nail 3,80 smooth, ring, screw, twist      Bright, EG, HDG
Nail 4,00 ring Bright, EG, HDG, SS
Nail 4,20 smooth, screw Bright, EG, HDG
Nail 4,20 ring HDG
Nail 4,60 smooth, twist Bright, EG, HDG